Risk Management Schulungen

Risk Management Schulungen

Von lokalen Lehrern geleitete live-Risk Management-Schulungen in Österreich.

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Risk Management Kurspläne

Name des Kurses
Name des Kurses
35 Stunden

Across the globe regulators are increasingly linking the amount of risk taken by a bank to the amount of capital it is required to hold and banks and financial services are increasingly being managed on risk-based management practices. The banks, their products, the regulations and the global market are becoming increasingly complex, driving ever greater challenges in effective risk management. A key lesson of the banking crisis of the last five years is that risks are highly integrated and to manage them efficiently banks have to understand these interactions.

Key features include:

- the explanation of the current risk-based regulations
- detailed review of the major risks faced by banks
- industry best practices for adopting an enterprise approach to integrating risk management across an entire organisation
- using governance techniques to build a group wide culture to ensure everyone takes an active role in managing risks in line with the banks strategic objectives
- what challenges could be faced by risk managers in the future.

The course will make extensive use of case studies designed to explore, examine and reinforce the concepts and ideas covered over the five days. Historical events at banks will be used throughout the course to highlight how they have failed to manage their risks and actions that could have been taken to prevent loss.


The objective of this course is to help bank management deliver an appropriate integrated strategy for managing the complex and changing risks and regulations in today’s international banking environment. Specifically this course aims to give senior level management an understanding of:

- major risk within the financial industry and the major international risk regulations
- how to manage a bank’s assets and liabilities whilst maximising return
- the interaction between risk types and how banks use an integrated approach for their management
- corporate governance and the best practice approaches to managing the diverse interests of the stakeholders
- how to develop a culture of risk governance as a tool for minimising unnecessary risk taking

Who should attend this seminar

This course is intended those who are new to integrated risk management, senior management responsible strategic risk management, or those who wish to further their understanding of enterprise risk management. It will be of use to:

- Board level bank management
- Senior managers
- Senior risk managers and analysts
- Senior directors and risk managers responsible for strategic risk management
- Internal auditors
- Regulatory and compliance personnel
- Treasury professionals
- Asset and liability managers and analysts
- Regulators and supervisory professionals
- Suppliers and consultants to banks and the risk management industry
- Corporate governance and risk governance managers.
21 Stunden
Course goal:

To ensure that an individual has the core understanding of GRC processes and capabilities, and the skills to integrate governance, performance management, risk management, internal control, and compliance activities.


- GRC Basic terms and definitions
- Principles of GRC
- Core components, practices and activities
- Relationship of GRC to other disciplines

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