Machine Vision Training Courses

Machine Vision Training Courses

Local, instructor-led live Machine Vision (MV) training courses demonstrate through interactive discussion and hands-on practice the fundamentals and applications of Machine Vision. Machine Vision training is available as "onsite live training" or "remote live training". Onsite live training can be carried out locally on customer premises in Austria or in NobleProg corporate training centers in Austria. Remote live training is carried out by way of an interactive, remote desktop. NobleProg -- Your Local Training Provider



Machine Vision Course Outlines

opencvComputer Vision with OpenCV28 hoursOpenCV (Open Source Computer Vision Library: is an open-source BSD-licensed library that includes several hundreds of computer vision algorithms.


This course is directed at engineers and architects seeking to utilize OpenCV for computer vision projects
patternmatchingPattern Matching14 hoursPattern Matching is a technique used to locate specified patterns within an image. It can be used to determine the existence of specified characteristics within a captured image, for example the expected label on a defective product in a factory line or the specified dimensions of a component. It is different from "Pattern Recognition" (which recognizes general patterns based on larger collections of related samples) in that it specifically dictates what we are looking for, then tells us whether the expected pattern exists or not.

Engineers and developers seeking to develop machine vision applications
Manufacturing engineers, technicians and managers

Format of the course
This course introduces the approaches, technologies and algorithms used in the field of pattern matching as it applies to Machine Vision.

Upcoming Machine Vision Courses

CourseCourse DateCourse Price [Remote / Classroom]
Marvin Image Processing Framework - Creating Image and Video Processing Applications with Marvin - LinzThu, 2018-09-06 09:303500EUR / 4000EUR
Pattern Matching - InnsbruckThu, 2018-09-06 09:303500EUR / 4000EUR
Pattern Matching - GrazThu, 2018-09-13 09:303500EUR / 4000EUR
Computer Vision with OpenCV - SalzburgTue, 2018-10-09 09:307000EUR / 7800EUR
Computer Vision with OpenCV - WienMon, 2018-10-15 09:307000EUR / 7800EUR
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Course Discounts

Course Venue Course Date Course Price [Remote / Classroom]
Apache Mahout for Developers Salzburg Wed, 2018-09-12 09:30 3150EUR / 3650EUR
MongoDB for Administrators Wien Wed, 2018-10-10 09:30 2700EUR / 3200EUR
Advanced Kotlin Programming Wien Wed, 2018-10-10 09:30 4455EUR / 5105EUR
Hadoop Administration Linz Tue, 2018-12-04 09:30 4050EUR / 4700EUR
Building Web Applications with Drupal 7, Views, Fields and Panels Salzburg Wed, 2018-12-12 09:30 2700EUR / 3200EUR

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